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Charitable organisation automates cumbersome paper-based purchasing processes

  • Company Overview

    The company is a charitable organisation that works to help women enter the workplace, develop their skills, and build rewarding careers. Working with influencers, educators, and the government, the company influences the development of policies to support and benefit women and men equally.

  • Why PurchaseControl™

    PurchaseControl was selected primarily to eliminate paperwork and to simplify the company’s procurement processes, which were outdated and complicated.

Key Challenges

  • No dedicated spend management system in place
  • Paper POs were often incorrect, which made matching invoices to orders nearly impossible
  • Little visibility into committed spend, resulting in “off the cuff” financial decisions
  • The organisation is subject to government funding, so a transparent PO system was required

Key Benefits

  • Centralised purchasing in one automated system, making it faster and more streamlined
  • Transitioned all paper documents to the Cloud, making it easy to find, track, and match orders
  • Gave the financial team the ability to see real-time budget impact before purchases happened
  • Full order tracking provided complete transparency and auditability

The Story

  • Customer

    Charitable organisation supporting women’s rights

  • Key Client

    Project Partner

  • Industry


  • Company Size

    ~100 employees

Big ambitions and small budgets are the name of the game for charitable organisations. Keeping costs down is incredibly important.

This was especially the case for this charitable organisation that strives to help women achieve and prosper. It is funded by limited government grants, so every dollar counts.

On top of that, government funding requires that all purchases are detailed, tracked, and recorded. Purchasing transparency is not a luxury in this heavily regulated industry—it is a requirement.

The company was distributed across several locations which further complicated the purchasing process. Without a standardised, automated purchasing system, there was no standard PO template, so many POs were missing important fields. This made matching invoices to orders nearly impossible.

The team needed an automated system that could help the company do three primary things:

  1. Simplify its complex purchasing process
  2. Create, track, search, and log purchase orders
  3. Ensure compliance

The company chose PurchaseControl because it solved all of these issues.

PurchaseControl can give you greater peace of mind

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With some best practices guidance from the PurchaseControl team, the company’s purchasing process was simplified. Staff agreed that it was a massive time saver and considerably improved “first time around” compliance.

The system’s ability to search POs and invoices made key financial information available to key managers and purchasers when they needed it. The team no longer searched through stacks of paperwork because all order details were tracked in one easily accessible place.

Calculating accruals and committed spend was easier than ever. With full visibility into company spend, approvers could see real-time budget impacts before they gave the thumbs up on any purchases. More visibility into spending enabled staff to budget more effectively and optimize spending with preferred suppliers.

The Project Partner for this charitable organisation said, “I would recommend PurchaseControl because it can be customised to work with whatever historic procuring process you have. PurchaseControl will result in a step change in both efficiency and compliance.”

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