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Purchase Order Requests

Start your purchasing process off on the right foot

Better Planning

PurchaseControl will empower you to plan your resources more effectively. Purchasers can request orders and track the status of approvals, and approvers can see the impact that any purchase will have on the budget. This kind of real-time context around budget planning makes it easier for everyone to understand the “why” behind purchase decisions.

Streamlined Communications

With PurchaseControl, it’s easy to keep the purchasing process moving smoothly AND keep everyone in the loop. Purchase requisitions automatically flow to approvers based on pre-established workflows. All purchasing documents live in one place, providing all parties with full visibility into the purchasing process and promoting accountability.

Greater Productivity

Automate manual, time-consuming purchasing processes with PurchaseControl. Your team will process more invoices with less resources, create repeat orders with a single click, select items from centrally-managed catalogues, and approve purchase requests via email.

An easy, straightforward PO system that is reachable from the cloud. It gives us bigger control over spending.

Adriaan Bartels, General ManagerThe Cliff Collection

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Repeat Orders

Easily clone requests and POs you’ve created in the past. Schedule a live demo with us to learn more about how you can save time with repeat orders.

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The Next Step – Approval

Move the approvals process forward without chasing people down or being chained to your desk.

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