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Purchase what you need, when you need it… without all the red tape

Imagine how much faster orders would be processed if every stage of the purchasing process was paperless? Create and share purchase orders in half the time, and monitor spending on the fly so that you can make smarter budgeting decisions. With preferred suppliers defined, budgets set, and permissions assigned per user, purchase order management is fast and smooth. Our purchase order software removes all roadblocks from the ordering process and eliminates wasted time and user errors.

How can we eliminate maverick spend and ensure a compliant purchasing culture?

How can we address purchasing queries in an expedient but fully reportable manner?

How can we get visibility and track relevant documentation related to all our purchases?

Audit Tracking For Every Purchase

You'll have full audit trail tracking of every action associated with the PO and easily monitor your purchase history so that you never overspend. All order information is automatically stored in one place so you understand the who, what, where, when, and why of your spending at a glance. Including when the supplier saw and accepted the PO.

Automate Best Practices

Best practice purchase management is easy with PurchaseControl. The system automatically makes sure all orders are approved before they are placed, eliminating maverick spend. A PO ensures that terms are agreed and clear between the supplier and your company. It’s all there in black and white with no room for gray areas or nasty surprises down the road.

"We needed to transition our PO paper system to digital to be able to send to people in other locations. PurchaseControl is affordable and we like the support."
Nancy Moglinicki
St. John Vianney School

Seamless Communication

PurchaseControl is customizable to meet your company’s requirements and allows seamless communication with your suppliers. POs can include custom fields, notes for the supplier, attached documents to share additional relevant information with the supplier to ensure speedy and correct completion of the delivery of the PO. Include your company logo and custom terms and conditions to make sure POs go out correctly identified every time. For multi-company organizations details can be customized for each brand.

Streamline Purchase Order Management

Streamlining your purchasing process is easier than ever with options to automate throughout the procure-to-pay process. Our simple, user-friendly interface makes it easy to create and send purchase orders. Streamlined purchase request processes flow into automated approval workflows to make purchasing fast and convenient. Automate sending the PO to the supplier as soon as it has been approved to save further time, while automated status updates keep requesters and managers in the loop.

Maximise Efficiency

Drive cost savings and efficiencies by ensuring purchases are placed with your preferred suppliers more often. Take advantage of discounts, credit terms, turnaround times, and delivery arrangements to ensure you are receiving the full benefit of your company purchasing leverage.

Centralize Data On All Purchases

Handle all types of purchases with a single dashboard. Indirect or direct expenditure, goods or service orders, blanket POs, long-term contracts, staged delivery orders, short term service agreements, or any others placed by your company divisions.

Address Queries Quickly

Address any queries quickly and easily with internal commenting and conversations tracked with each PO. See the full story at a glance and make sure questions are answered quickly and thoroughly.

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