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Keep your approval process steaming ahead with workflows, thresholds, and controls

Move the approvals process forward without chasing people down or being chained to your desk. Customised spend limits keep your team from purchasing what they shouldn’t. With e-mail and mobile approvals, you can approve or reject purchases from anywhere. Eliminate bottlenecks in your purchasing process without taking unnecessary risks. Customize everything – spend limits, suppliers, even delivery locations – to ensure your money is spent on budget and fully approved, without approval delays that slow production.

How can we get real-time visibility of budgets to empower purchase approvers while ensuring we are always within budget?

How can we ensure approval is not held up by off-site staff or multi-location approval flows?

How can we delegate approval for low value orders to avoid holding up operations while ensuring compliant approval for larger purchases?

Automated Approval Workflows

Flexible, automated purchase approval workflows can be defined per department, even when foreign currencies are involved. We will streamline your purchase approval process, making it as efficient as possible while ensuring full compliance with company and legal policies.

Control Your Spend

You may never be over budget again with user and department level budget control. Set per transaction, project, monthly, annual budgets with real-time visibility. Budget increase request workflows ensure the right people sign off on any over budget expense...before the expenditure commitment is made.

"We needed a way to get purchases electronically signed off. PurchaseControl is easy to use, it works, and their support reacts."
Richard Bateman, IT Infrastructure Ops
Energy Alloys

Access From Anywhere

Cloud based system allows you to approve from phone, tablet, or directly from an email. Ideal for multi-location or multi-country approval flows including multi-currencies. Approval will never be delayed again, whether your team is on-site, off-site, outside the office, with a client, or at a different office. If your purchasing manager is on vacation or out sick, our out-of-office feature allows you to temporarily delegate approval until they are back at work.

Centralised Spend Management

Manage approval for all your organization's direct and indirect spend from one centralized system. Annual service contracts, blanket POs, and short-term service agreements can be approved and reported (find out more about reporting here [link to reporting]) quickly and easily.

Streamlined Purchasing

Empower your team to make purchase decisions that allow operations to flow unhindered while ensuring bigger purchase decisions receive the correct approval. Per user limits offer flexibility and control over purchasing without adding unnecessary layers of bureaucracy.

Easy Access To Documents

Centralized data and document management with optional custom fields ensure all the information you need is tracked from request through approval. Real-time visibility of budgets, full auditable tracking of every action associated with the PO, including internal conversations, will give your approvers the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions.

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