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Automating your procure-to-pay process is the first step towards greater efficiency. You will eliminate bottlenecks, drastically reduce paperwork, and accomplish purchasing tasks on the go. Accelerate purchasing within your organisation and free up your staff for more value-added tasks.


Automating your purchasing process helps your team focus on what really matters. Pick your desired item from preferred vendors in an online catalogue and automatically send your purchase requisitions to approvers based on established workflows. For once, it’s easy.


Move the approvals process forward without chasing people down or being chained to your desk. Customised spend limits keep your team from purchasing what they shouldn’t. With e-mail and mobile approvals, you can approve or reject purchases from anywhere.


Imagine how much faster orders would be processed if every stage of the purchasing process was paperless? Create and share purchase orders in half the time, and monitor spending on the fly so that you can make smarter budgeting decisions.

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Purchasing software does the hard work of checking that what you are being charged matches what you received. Purchase orders, order receipts, and vendor invoices are aligned automatically in our system, highlighting issues and saving your hard-earned money.

Search & Tracking

You’ll never have to worry about audits again. Tracking purchases is easy when a full audit trail is kept for every order. The ability to search the system ensures that you find the exact detail you need.


How often are you asked to create a budget report? With live budget forecasts, your team has the report they always ask for at their fingertips. Having one single view of company spending helps you monitor performance against your spending goals.

PurchaseControl at a Glance

Complete E-Procurement

Shift away from cumbersome paperwork and elevate your entire procurement process with our powerful, cloud-based spend management software.

Full Spend Management

Spot opportunities to be smarter with your money with spend tracking. visibility into budget performance, and reporting tools.


We deliver real business results-user adoption, compliance. savings. and more for an excellent value so that you see immediate impact on your bottom line.

Easy Integration

Enjoy seamless Flow of data hack and forth between PurchaseControl and market-leading solutions like Twinfield and Sage.

Compliance & Audit

Minimise financial risk with full visibility and control into your purchase cycle. See exactly how spend happens within your organisation.

Service & Support

We provide the training you need to make using our e-procurement system completely easy. by phone and email.

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