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Compliance Management Software

Manage every aspect of your company’s spend

Full Audit Trail

Procurement compliance is a given with PurchaseControl. Every action related to an order is saved, so audits are painless. With our three-way matching protocol, purchase orders, order receipts, and invoices are aligned automatically, ensuring contract compliance.

Greater Visibility

With PurchaseControl, see how purchases will impact the budget before you approve them. Purchasing compliance becomes far easier when you can see how your organization is performing overall, as well as how regions, departments, and users are contributing to the big picture.

Standard Approval Process

Say goodbye to the days of calling the main office multiple times for an approval. We’ll work with you to design a realistic approvals workflow no matter how complicated. With a pre-set workflow and customized spend limits, your approvals process will be standardized virtually overnight.

Document Storage

Celebrate finally moving all of that paperwork to the cloud. All of your AP documents are stored and organized on our secure servers rather than in cumbersome storage files or on your team’s desktops.

We evaluated several products to help us cut back on paperwork and process purchase orders faster. PurchaseControl is so convenient – we save an immense amount of money and time because we have virtually eliminated printing and we approve purchase orders real-time.

Brian Hall, Business ManagerBoy Scouts of America

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Creating approvals workflows is easy – no complicated flow charts or diagrams needed. We manage the entire setup of your compliance management system on your behalf. Schedule a demo to see the process in depth.

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