Procurement Management Solutions

Relieve your procurement headaches with a powerful procurement management solution.

Drastically change your business by automating your procurement process from start to finish. As the person in charge of financial operations, you are charged with making purchasing as efficient as possible and maintaining control over company spending. E-procurement solutions can ensure that you maximize profitability because you have full visibility into budget performance. Not only that, you will also keep the procurement process moving smoothly and pay the best price for goods or services. If you ask us, it’s a no-brainer.

Not only will you appreciate the benefits of automation, your team will love how much easier it is to contribute to the procurement process. Customized limits are built into the system and approvals happen on the go, so once the system is up and running, you will have greater control over company spending.

We’ll solve your biggest procurement challenges:

  • Compliance

    When you can see how your organization is performing overall, as well as how regions, departments, and users are contributing, compliance becomes much easier. Customized spend limits ensure that your team stays on budget without your oversight.

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  • Budgeting

    Full visibility into spend management helps you stop maverick spending and stay on budget. With an e-procurement system that allows you to see real-time budget impact, you’ll have a new level of control and predictability.

    Get complete budget visibility

  • AP Automation

    Customized workflows enable you to achieve AP automation from purchase requisition through to three-way matching. Modernizing this process ensures that your team can control costs, capture discounts, and reduce errors.

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  • Integration & Support

    PurchaseControl gives you the flexibility to integrate with the systems you use every day to manage your financial operations. Our support team will ensure that you get up to speed as quickly as possible and resolve any issues quickly and easily.

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  • Inventory & Supplier Management

    With inventory management, employees can place orders for goods you’ve got tucked away. Easily add preferred suppliers and popular items to saved catalogues so that you are always getting the best value.

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Benefits of using a procurement solution

Procurement software solutions can give businesses of any size more control over financial operations. Companies can enjoy the benefits of a procurement solution like PurchaseControl whether they are big or small, single-site or geographically dispersed, straightforward or complex. We specifically designed our system to accommodate any business. Procurement solutions empower companies like Boy Scouts of America by providing greater transparency and oversight into the procurement process. Companies enjoy:

  • Reduced costs

    Boys Scouts of America, a leading youth development organization, has completely eliminated paperwork with PurchaseControl. The company has also removed the bottlenecks in its process by approving purchase orders real-time.

  • Streamlined communications

    VIECO, Inc. is an American custom printed product company, that uses PurchaseControl to keep team members aligned, and keeps the procurement process moving along. The team appreciates that it keeps everyone on the same page, no matter where they are.

  • Time saved

    British Car Auctions, the UK and Europe’s largest used-vehicle marketplace, utilizes our spend management system to save time. PurchaseControl has streamlined the company’s process, making it far more efficient and saving valuable resources.