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Your job is to make purchasing as efficient as possible, which is no easy feat. E-procurement solutions ensure that you maintain control over company spending, maximise profitability, and pay the best price for goods or services. If you ask us, it’s a no-brainer.


When you can see how your organisation is performing overall, as well as how regions, departments, and users are contributing, compliance becomes much easier. Customised spend limits ensure that your team stays on budget without your oversight.


Full visibility into spend management helps you stop maverick spending and stay on budget. With an e-procurement system that allows you to see real-time budget impact, you’ll have a new level of control and predictability.

AP Automation

Customised workflows enable you to achieve AP automation from purchase requisition through to three-way matching. Modernising this process ensures that your team can control costs, capture discounts, and reduce errors.

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Integration & Support

PurchaseControl gives you the flexibility to integrate with the systems you use every day to manage your financial operations. Our support team will ensure that you get up to speed as quickly as possible and resolve any issues quickly and easily.

Inventory & Supplier Management

With inventory management, employees can place orders for goods you’ve got tucked away. Easily add preferred suppliers and popular items to saved catalogues so that you are always getting the best value.

PurchaseControl at a Glance

Complete E-Procurement

Shift away from cumbersome paperwork and elevate your entire procurement process with our powerful, cloud-based spend management software.

Full Spend Management

Spot opportunities to be smarter with your money with spend tracking. visibility into budget performance, and reporting tools.


We deliver real business results-user adoption, compliance. savings. and more for an excellent value so that you see immediate impact on your bottom line.

Easy Integration

Enjoy seamless Flow of data hack and forth between PurchaseControl and market-leading solutions like Twinfield and Sage.

Compliance & Audit

Minimise financial risk with full visibility and control into your purchase cycle. See exactly how spend happens within your organisation.

Service & Support

We provide the training you need to make using our e-procurement system completely easy. by phone and email.

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