Twinfield Accounting Software Integration

Twinfield is an online financial accounting software package for small and medium enterprises, produced and maintained by Twinfield International, based in The Netherlands. Twinfield is a leading Online Accounting Software provider for Small Businesses and Accountants in Europe.

Fully Compatible with Twinfield

Purchase Control is fully compatible with a large range of accountancy packages and has a direct two way link with the powerful online accounting software Twinfield. You can import your financial data that has already been populated in Twinfield – such as supplier list and nominal ledger codes (GL codes) – from Twinfield directly into Purchase Control. This ensures all data can be matched quickly and easily with a click of a button. This benefits when first setting up the system as the setup can be completed extremely quickly. Also, after initial setup this means there will be no need for entering the data twice. If you are ordering from a new supplier you can just add their details in Twinfield and you can import the data into Purchase Control in seconds.

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