Add Powerful Spend Management Your Sage 50 Account

Sage 50 is a business management software available in the UK and Ireland from Sage. Their installed solutions have been the backbone for accounting in many small, medium, and growing companies.

Fully Compatible with Sage 50

PurchaseControl is a powerful cloud purchase management solution fully compatible with a large range of accountancy packages and has a direct link with all versions of the popular Sage™ Line 50.

PurchaseControl looks after the purchasing process from order creation and approval, receipting of delivery, through to matching the invoice against the original purchase order. Authorized invoices are imported as purchase invoice transactions into Sage 50 ready to be processed in your payment run. All the information required feeds through from the PO to the invoice and on to Sage.

PurchaseControl can give you greater peace of mind

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Improve Your Procure-To-Pay Process

Automating your procure-to-pay process is the first step towards greater efficiency

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