Sage 200 & PurchaseControl Integration

PurchaseControl is a powerful spend management solution that is fully compatible with SageTM 200

Our direct integration installs within Sage™ 200 and imports any invoices authorised for payment from PurchaseControl to Sage™ 200 with the click of a button. Invoices are imported as purchase invoice transactions ready to be processed in your payment run. All the information required feeds through from the PO to the invoice and on to Sage™.

Save time by avoiding double entry and seamlessly link your purchasing with your accounts.

PurchaseControl is in the cloud so users can access on any device from anywhere

Purchasing in the Cloud

PurchaseControl looks after the purchasing process from order creation and approval, receipting of delivery, through to matching the invoice against the original purchase order.

PurchaseControl is in the cloud so users can access from any device with a browser and internet access from anywhere. Multi-site and multi-company purchasing can be centralised so you have full visibility in one place.

When a supplier invoice arrives you can match it against the original PO and see if the order was received. This ensures no duplicate invoices are paid, invoices for unreceived items can be queried with the supplier, and the accounts payable team save time with internal follow up queries about orders.

Staff members other than the accounts team do not need to have user access to Sage™ 200 ensuring costs are kept down and you have flexibility and control of how your purchasing process flows.

Never Be Over Budget Again

Budgeting in PurchaseControl is fully customisable. You can set budgets at the GL Code, Cost Centre, or Department level. You can even set budgets for any combination of the three if needed.

Budgets can be set as Annual, Project, or per Calendar month. If the budget is reached then no purchase orders can be approved without somebody with the correct authority increasing the budget. So you know you will always be within budget.

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Customisable Purchase Approval Process

The approval processes in PurchaseControl are extremely flexible. You can have a different approval process depending on the budget the order is to be set against and the monetary value of the order.

The process can be as straightforward or as complicated as you need. Multi-step approval processes can be automated to ensure approvals are sent to the right person immediately. PO approval can be done directly from the email request ensuring there are no delays when an order needs to be put through.

Get accurate accruals reports with the click of a button
Get accurate accruals reports with the click of a button

Instant, Up to The Second, Accurate Reporting

All purchasing information in PurchaseControl is updated centrally as soon as an action happens. This ensures all reporting is accurate up to the second you run the report.

Reports in the system are designed to give you the information you need quickly and easily. For example, you can get an accurate accrual report immediately with the click of a button.

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PurchaseControl offers a free, no strings attached 14 day trial. Try out the system and see how easy it is to get control of your purchasing without overhauling your Sage™ 200 account.