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Like our name says, we set out to give businesses in any industry more control over purchasing. Our cloud-based software for small businesses and large organizations provides greater transparency and oversight into financial operations, and gives you the flexibility to customize the process based on your unique business.

Industry-Specific E-Procurement Solutions

You are charged with finding a solution that can address your needs now and position you for success as you scale. Here is a snapshot of how a powerful spend management platform can improve operations in three industries – healthcare, retail, and hospitality.

  • Assisted Living

    Purchasing at assisted living facilities ranges from semi-regular orders for items like cleaning products to daily orders for patient meals. Assisted living facilities require a purchasing system that has the flexibility to give chefs the freedom to order ingredients autonomously, while ensuring that non-kitchen orders follow the company’s typical approval process.

    A chain of assisted living facilities used PurchaseControl to curb overspending and centralize its purchasing process. Orders placed by phone were not being formally tracked, and as a result, deliveries were often incorrect. Customized spend limits standardized the company’s complex approval process. In addition, the ability to easily duplicate regular orders made operations much faster. Costs were slashed across the board through reduced paperwork, better use of employees’ time, and lack of overpayments.

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  • Dentistry

    Dental supplies and equipment is highly specialized. Placing orders and ensuring on-time delivery is of critical importance since patients’ oral health depends on it.

    A multi-state dental healthcare company used our purchase order system for small businesses to automate purchasing across its 60+ locations. The company previously used email and Excel to track purchase orders which resulted in higher prices for supplies, order mistakes, and delayed deliveries. Localized permissions enabled individual clinics to order supplies when they needed them from an automated vendor catalogue. The company has completely streamlined purchasing, and improved budgeting with greater visibility into spend management across the organization.

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  • Retail

    When your entire business is dependent on the exchange of goods – as is the case in the retail industry – it is critically important that orders arrive on time. If orders are incorrect or if they don’t take current inventory into account, you lose money. In retail, keeping close track of orders and using preferred suppliers when possible directly impacts your profitability.

    The largest retail tire dealer in New England used our cloud-based software for small businesses to improve purchasing efficiency and compliance across its 100 stores. The company had no automated procure-to-pay system in place, which meant that they had no ability to track incoming orders. Customer service was suffering. The company centralized purchasing and accounts payable in our cloud-based system, giving them greater transparency into the order process, and giving staff the ability to provide customers with up-to-date information about tire deliveries.

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  • Hospitality

    In the hospitality industry, providing excellent customer service is what you do. Your systems should make this easier, not harder. We’ve made it our mission to make purchasing easier for everyone involved, and that extends to your customers.

    A chain of movie theaters in the southern part of the United States used our small business budgeting software to control overspending across its 19 locations. The ordering process was decentralized and theater supplies were often missing. Our spend management software empowered individual theaters with purchasing freedom and distributed the purchasing workload through permissions and limits at the local level. Maverick spending was eliminated. The 350-person staff was able to focus on enhancing the entertainment experience for guests instead of trying to manage company expenditures.

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  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management

    Logistics and supply chain management companies operate in a fast-paced world. This particular company’s purchasing processes couldn’t keep up. Managing budgets was close to impossible—POs were tracked using Excel and there was no system in place to control purchases that didn’t have the proper approvals.

    Since adopting PurchaseControl, the company has improved purchasing control company-wide. The team can instantly see what they need to order which is vital in an industry where speed is of the essence. The reporting allows the team to notice trends and take action to reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

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  • Nonprofits

    Like many nonprofits, managing financial resources as effectively as possible is a top priority for The Boy Scouts of America. Limited resources coupled with strict regulatory requirements make budgeting and compliance critically important.

    The Trapper Trails Council of the Boy Scouts of America in Ogden, Utah, struggled to manage purchasing with widely-dispersed locations and dozens of people making purchases. Trapper Trails needed a reliable, transparent process to control spending across the organization. With PurchaseControl, approvals became quicker and less cumbersome; in fact, the team processed over 10,000 purchases in the six years since it adopted the software. Purchase authorization was given to dozens of employees, which streamlined compliance and communication council-wide.

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No matter the industry, we deliver real business results – compliance, savings, and more. With the most cost-effective solution on the market, you will see a return on your investment in record time. Our cloud-based software for small businesses and large organizations will help you control your purchasing operations.