Version 7.5 Now Available in Beta

If you’ve been a long term customer you might have noticed that the old URL used to access the system is now redirecting to a new one. As part of our upgrade program we’ve not just been adding new features to but also to the infrastructure it runs on as well; the new server farm is part of that! With 7.5 of there are a number of new features that required updated components, so we made the decision to upgrade everything at the same time. Hardware, Frameworks, even the network cables have been changed as part of our expansion and as such we’d like to thank all our clients who worked with us on the test systems.

So what’s new in 7.5?

E mailing of documents. Before you had the option to store them, now you can send them on with the Purchase Order. By default any uploaded documents won’t be sent, but simply tick the box to allow them and off they go to the supplier. Very handy if you’ve complicated instructions to send or signed contracts that need to be part of the supporting paperwork.

Goods Received Not Invoiced report. Possibly the most requested report ever, and it’s now available. From a single click you can see all orders that have been completed but are without a corresponding invoice.

View POs from the search screen. If you’ve ever searched through 10 very similar POs this will help save time – you can click the print icon and display the PO in a new window before opening it to see if it’s the right one.

Better compatibility with mobile devices. Many of the pop up windows used to select data have gone and have been replaced with much smoother selectors. Hopefully this will end the JavaScript issues that plagued every minor release of Firefox!

As always the new version is a free upgrade – these are never charged for – and we’ll be contacting everyone about the release data later this week. All the changes are enhancements and as such won’t change any data currently in the system.