User Survey 2011

Thanks to everyone who completed the 2011 User Survey. As always the survey gives us a chance to find out what additional features you’d like to see in the application, but also gives you a chance to tell us things we might not know (such as the satellite DSL in the gulf of Mexico can be slow at times, tax rates can be up to 4 decimal places and a Spanish translation would be helpful)!

It looks like the promise of a free Amazon Kindle did the trick as we had hundreds of detailed responses; it’s taken us some time to go through them all but we’ve managed to generate a short list of common requests.

As always we need to evaluate how each additional feature will interact with the system (and sometimes we need to postpone certain features as part of this) but so far the most requested features are as follows:


  • Ability to review and comment on a requisition without having to authorise it.

This is an interesting one, in larger organisations the PO can be reviewed by up to 5 people before its authorised. As such it would be helpful if these users could make comments to note their approval without needing the actual permissions to authorise it.


  • Invoicing cannot take place against a PO unless the goods have been received first

This has been requested a number of time and as such we’re more than likely going to include it in version 8. However, it will be optional so that companies who are more service related won’t be forced to use this workflow.


  • System should offer the ability to E mail documents with the purchase order

A very popular request indeed. For companies that have POs in the range of a million pounds plus it’s essential that the supporting documentation for the purchase is attached in a single place. From now on when a document is stored you’ll have the ability to mark it for internal use only, or for inclusion with the E mailed purchase order.


  • Ability to View / Print POs from any search screen

This should save a huge amount of time for any user who’s on the system all day checking deliveries and purchases.


  • Cancelled Purchase orders to be marked as cancelled on the printed and E mailed version.

A small change, but a very handy one!


  • “Summary” button to be added on the Audit trail tab: this should have all the data of the PO at the line item level (including charge to accounts), all the notes, and all the audit trail entries. Should be formatted for printing.

Again, for many larger organisations under regulation this will be a huge time saver. The ability to export all the relevant details with a single mouse click will help to speed up internal audits, end of month reconciliations etc.


  • Approval limits per person adjusted for different departments.

This may add complexity to the initial set up process, but gives even greater options for budgeting.


  • Tax rates to 4 DP

Again for larger clients outside in certain industries, tax rates can be up to 4 decimal places for certain regions and items! We’ll have to admit our ignorance of that as we’ve never seen it, but again, something that will help the larger organisations.


Any who was the lucky winner of the Kindle in the end? We’ll let you know as soon as it’s been shipped… Watch this space!