Purchase Control New Features

We thought you’d like to know of the new features to be added on the 27 July:

  • GL Codes are now company specific: This means you can now have multiple GL codes with same name in the system for different companies. With this new feature you have two choices: (1) assign a GL Code to a company name (in this case the GL Code will be populated only for purchase orders of departments belonging to that specific company), (2) assign a GL Code to all companies.
  • Multi-select items in the product popup window: You can now insert multiple items in one go from the product popup window in the new order form, view edit order when editing a requisition, and when editing purchase order.
  • Search by range of order totals: the search by order total in the search report page is improved to support both search by single order total and range of order totals.
  • Ability to search by all fields on the product popup window: user can search items by all fields available on the product popup window.
  • Two new fields added to Twinfield invoices export: two new fields were added to Twinfield invoices export (PO Number and first 40 characters of the supplier notes).

If you have any questions about the new features just let me or the support team know.