Purchase Control is a company that specializes in Software as a Service (SaaS), or on-demand software. Our flagship product is an online purchase order system that was designed and created to manage the purchase to pay process. At its core is the ability to control and account for what users buy and how much they can spend.

We have been making and selling procurement software since 1997 and it has always been a web based purchase order software that automates supply chain management processes from Procure to Pay.

This helps ensure all ordering is tracked and controlled so you can ensure all purchasing is following your required approval processes. Of course, this is not all the online procurement software can do but controlling this kind of maverick spending, or unauthorized excess purchasing, is the key to its success because of its importance for any company.

This control aspect over the bookkeeping alone means our clients see a rapid and continuing return on investment even without considering all the other features that Purchase Control offers.

We have thousands of clients around the globe in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK, Ireland, the United States and Canada and many other countries, many of whom have been using Purchase Control for more than a decade.