Purchase Order Process Steps

Purchase orders (POs) play an important role in controlling business purchases. In this post, we’ll define what a purchase order is, describe what information it includes, highlight key benefits to using POs, and explain the key steps in the purchase order process. What is a purchase order? A purchase order is the official confirmation of… Continue reading>

Difference Between a Purchase Requisition & Purchase Order

Our goal with this post is to explain the basics about purchase requisitions vs. purchase orders, and share some tips on optimizing the purchase requisition process for those who specialize in finance or procurement. Before we dig into the details, it’s important to define the important role that procurement and purchasing functions play within businesses… Continue reading>

New Features in Version 7.5.3

This week we’ve a number of small changes and additional features included as part of our release program:   Complex number scheme: This functionality enables you to have company specific PO number schemes for each company. With many companies in the system we’ve been told by a good few clients that auditors would prefer that… Continue reading>

User Survey 2011

Thanks to everyone who completed the 2011 PurchaseControl.com User Survey. As always the survey gives us a chance to find out what additional features you’d like to see in the application, but also gives you a chance to tell us things we might not know (such as the satellite DSL in the gulf of Mexico… Continue reading>

Interesting Question From A Potential Customer…

“It would also help if you explained in details how the system works out approvals, e.g: individual limit, dep limit, PO rules limit, number of approvers…” It’s worthwhile understanding that the system has been developed by looking at the real life purchasing scenarios that happen in most organisations. From our own experience over the past… Continue reading>