An estimated €433 billion (£379 billion) is spent outside procurement departments’ approved routes at European companies, according to research. is reporting on a truly worrying figure about the value of transactions that bypass the proper authorisation mechanisms… Might be time to re-evaluate your own internal procedures if you have no systems to check expenditure! Continue reading>

User Survey 2011

Thanks to everyone who completed the 2011 User Survey. As always the survey gives us a chance to find out what additional features you’d like to see in the application, but also gives you a chance to tell us things we might not know (such as the satellite DSL in the gulf of Mexico… Continue reading>

Interesting Question From A Potential Customer…

“It would also help if you explained in details how the system works out approvals, e.g: individual limit, dep limit, PO rules limit, number of approvers…” It’s worthwhile understanding that the system has been developed by looking at the real life purchasing scenarios that happen in most organisations. From our own experience over the past… Continue reading>